Turkey Visa From the Philippines and Pakistan

Turkey Visa From the Philippines and Pakistan

Can Filipinos travel to Turkey?

Turkey Visa From the Philippines, Filipino citizens, like citizens from many other nations, can visit Turkey for vacation, business, and other purposes. Turkey has its own distinct climate and social customs compared to Manila or any of the Philippine cities or islands; however, one thing both countries share is wealthy coastal towns.

Filipinos looking to travel to Turkey quickly are now able to apply for an electronic visa that is issued quickly. This digital version has replaced sticker visas as a fast way of entering and staying briefly in Turkey. Applications can be submitted using any mobile or laptop from within their home and received approval or rejection within several hours; no need for visitations to Turkish embassies as these requests don’t need an entry or residence permit either!

Turkey E Visas (eVisas) are issued exclusively for tourism or business travel purposes and allow holders to travel within Turkey for up to 30 days within 180 days; upon expiration, they can reapply. E Visas are generally easier and cheaper to acquire.

E Visa Requirements for Filipinos: Conditions To Consider

Do Not Overstay For Work Requirements To Acquire a Turkey E Visa

Valid Passport

In order to be accepted as an applicant for citizenship in the Philippines, an entry-level passport with at least 150 days left when making your application must have at least two blank pages to stamp. Applications that fall outside this requirement cannot be considered. Any passport whose validity drops below 5 months cannot be accepted.

Residence Permit/Visa

An applicant for entry should hold either a valid visa or residence permit issued from one of the US, UK/Ireland, or Schengen countries; paper copies will only be accepted because Turkey doesn’t support electronic documents.

Hotel Reservations In order to be approved, applicants must present proof of hotel reservations prior to leaving The Philippines for Turkey. Therefore, before departing The Philippines you should book your hotel early.

Proof Of Funds

Turkey requires Filipinos living there to provide proof that they can cover their daily living costs, which equates to at least $50.

Turkey Visa From Pakistan

Turkey Visa From Pakistan, Turkey has long been a favorite travel destination of Pakistani travelers, boasting stunning landscapes, historic mosques, and museums housing Islamic artifacts as well as vibrant cultural traditions – all of which attract them. For this reason alone, Pakistanis often apply for Turkey visas.

As Turkey is an Islamic nation, accessing Halal food and participating in religious ceremonies are easy for Pakistanis visiting Turkey – hence an increase in travelers from Pakistan into Turkey in recent years.

The Turkish government recently unveiled an electronic visa system, making obtaining entry visas fast, simple, and straightforward for Pakistani travelers. We provide all essential details regarding Turkey visa conditions, the application procedure for applying from Pakistan as well as additional information.

Turkey Visa Requirements for Pakistanis:

To successfully apply for an eVisa in Turkey, it is essential that all conditions set out below are fulfilled.

Your residence permit or visa from US/UK/Ireland/Schengen must be in order.

Your passport should be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Turkey and contain at least two empty pages.

Here is a list of documents and information required when applying for a visa.

Provide a scan of the biography page on your passport.

Your visa fee must be settled using PayPal accounts with valid credit or debit cards and PayPal accounts, so please have them ready when settling online visa fees.

Information regarding your UK, USA, Ireland, or Schengen country visa or residence permit application process.

Applicant’s Full Name, Phone, and Email ID, Date of Birth and Arrival dates, as well as Passport Issue and Expiry dates, will all need to be provided before applying.

Select Processing Time Details.

Turkish Visa Validity: A Turkish visa is valid for one year from its issue date. It will be determined based on when applicants indicate their desired date of travel on their application form, so it is wise to note your anticipated travel dates to avoid complications later. It is a one-entry visa; travelers can only stay in Turkey for up to 30 days at any given time.

How Can Pakistanis Apply for a Turkey Visa?

Application for a Turkey tourist visa is convenient and straightforward, enabling applicants to submit applications from either their homes or workplaces. Once approved, regular visas will arrive via email within one business day, while urgent approval visas can arrive within 15 minutes via email.

What Are My Next Steps After Submitting the Turkey Visa Application?

As soon as your Turkey visa fee has been paid, you will receive both an email and an SMS to notify you that the processing of your application has begun.

Who may apply for the Turkey Tourism eVisa?

Pakistani nationals traveling to Turkey for business or tourism purposes in 2020 or later may submit an eVisa application. Every normal passport holder needs an eVisa in order to enter Turkey at any point of entry; border officials will refuse access without one.


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