Germany-based Lengoo 20m Series coldewey TechCrunch

Germany-based Lengoo 20m

Are you tired of struggling with language barriers in your business communication? Look no further than Lengoo, a Germany-based startup revolutionizing the translation industry. With their recent $20 million Series B funding led by Coldewey Einhoff & Partner, Lengoo is poised to take on the global market and make language barriers a thing of the past. Please keep reading to learn more about this exciting company and its innovative approach to translation technology.

What makes Cine Bloom so good?

Cine Bloom is a German-founded technology company that has developed coldewey, an AI assistant for filmmakers. The app helps filmmakers by tracking footage, managing projects, recommending edits, and providing feedback.

The company has so far raised $1.8 million in investment from investors such as Atomico and 500 Startups. It is also currently in the process of raising a Series A round of funding.

Cine Bloom’s app is currently available on iOS and Android platforms.

The 3D version

Lengoo is a Berlin-based 3D printing company working on a new series of printers called the m Series. These printers are designed for high-volume production and can print objects at speeds of up to 200 mm per second. They also have many features and capabilities, including support for multiple materials and processes.

The m Series is already being used by major companies such as Airbus and Volkswagen. It is expected to become the standard 3D printing platform soon. Lengoo has achieved this success by focusing on speed, reliability, and versatility – all essential characteristics in today’s manufacturing market.

The 2D theatrical release

Lengoo is a German-based startup that has developed an interesting new 2D theatrical release technology. The company’s concept is simple – convert your movie files into a theater-friendly format and then distribute them to theaters through the traditional rental model.

This new technology makes it easier for movie lovers to watch their favorite movies in theaters and reduces the costs associated with traditional theatrical releases. Lengoo is currently partnering with several film distributors and plans to release various movies throughout the year.

If you’re looking for a more affordable way to enjoy your favorite movies, Lengoo might be the perfect solution.

The first-ever live-action CG special

Lengoo, the German-based startup making waves in 3D printing technology, has just announced its first live-action CG special – and it’s all about dinosaurs! Titled “Jurassic World: The Lengoo Project,” the one-hour special will explore Lengoo’s groundbreaking technology and how it can be used to create a realistic dinosaur scene for the upcoming blockbuster movie.

The project was spearheaded by Lengoo’s CTO Dirk Neumann, a world-renowned digital fabrication expert who has worked on some of the most successful 3D films ever made, including “Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and “Thor: The Dark World.” Using state-of-the-art software and hardware from Lengoo, Neumann created a fully functioning Jurassic Park set that accurately replicates vital scenes from the movie.

The 2D CG release with new effects

Lengoo m Series is the latest 2D CG release from Germany-based Coldewey Techcrunch. The new release boasts enhanced effects and improved animation.

The Lengoo m Series combines traditional 2D and 3D animation, allowing for more realistic and fluid movements. The new release features enhanced effects and energy, giving characters a lifelike appearance.

Cine Bloom in 3D

Cine Bloom is a new 3D content distribution platform for filmmakers, cinemas, and distributors. The Lengoo m Series Coldewey Techcrunch tells the story of how the startup was founded and how it plans to revolutionize the way the film is distributed.

The Lengoo m Series coldewey techcrunch says that the company was founded by two friends who wanted to create a better alternative to traditional film distribution methods. The company has developed a platform allowing users to distribute their films in 3D without investing in expensive equipment or theaters.

Final words

Lengoo is a Berlin-based startup that has developed a new coldewey Techcrunch. The company’s first product, the Lengoo M Series, allows users to create 3D prints of food items and objects using a standard desktop 3D printer. The Lengoo M Series is based on the principles of additive manufacturing, where layers of plastic are laid down to create products from a digital model.

The Lengoo M Series has two extruders and can print in multiple colors using ABS or PLA plastics. It can print in small and large sizes and has no minimum order quantity. The Lengoo M Series offers speed, flexibility, ease of use, and affordability as its key selling points.


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